The Ultimate Aquarium Controller

Current features


Proteus Controller is suitable for both Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums. We avoided outdated HW solution you’re used to find an similar  usage hardware.. The future is NOW.

  • Built in Webserver;
  • Internet Ready (Ethernet & WiFi);
  • Galvanicaly isolated Sensors (pH, ORP, EC), included in the main unit (ensures a precise reading) ;
  • Supports 8 Temperature sensors;
  • Standard based (e.g. WiFi is a USB dongle, data bus is a industry-standard I²C protocol);
  • Supports up to 40 dimming channels (LEDs / electronic ballasts  /PWM enabled fans);
  • 4IO ports included on the power unit. Expandable;
  • Precise dosing for a perfect Balling method / Zeovit Method or any other use (using stepper motors);
  • ATO (automatic water top off)
  • AWC (automatic water change)
  • Smart hardware (Cortex A7 cpu, 1Gb RAM);
  • Smart software (Linux behind, Java 8);
  • Expandable by software means..
  • Smart way to program Events & Actions- UI provided;
  • Heartbeat monitoring and alerting from cloud;
  • Remote help, debugging and service;
  • User programmed alerts;
  • Autorevert setting /action option.
  • Maintenance mode presets. Or feed mode presets. Time boxed.
  • Realtime web interface. No need to cloud-proxy. Secured.
  • Accessible from PC / tablets / smartphone  /smart TVs with full control.
  • Smarter upgrade methods.


Smart. Strong. Safe. Reliable. Standards based.