The Ultimate Aquarium Controller

DC Pumps Module

DC Pumps Controll Module: Specs

This module is currently under development. We decided it will NOT be released same time as the other modules. In the mean time, we collect some more feedback and we will integrate that into the final product. Among the current expected features:

  • Supports multiple pump brands (Jebao, Tunze, Aquamedic)
  • Multiple wave types
  • Pump protection (no instant start / stop)
  • Software syncronizable with feeding modes
  • Independent pump behavior (each controlled pump a distinct program if desired).
  • Responds to defined events (e.g. when Temp > 29°C  pump speed 100%)
  • Time related program (e.g. pump speed 50% between 22 and 7AM)

Compatible pums


  • Support all 0-5V digital & analog  PWM enabled pump
  • Support all 0-10V digital & analog  PWM enabled pumps

Tested pumps


  • Jebao WP and RW series
  • Tunze



  • Integrated behavior across heterogeneous brands and builds
  • Increased versatility as compared to stand-alone dc pump functions
  • Pump protections (very often not included with original on/off behaviour of pumps)