The Ultimate Aquarium Controller

About Our Company

About our company and services


We are a team of aquarium enthusiasts. We combined our passions (aquariums, programming, hardware) to create Proteus Controller: The Ultimate Aquarium Controller.

What We Offer

Distribution channel for the Proteus Controller is yet to be determined. To register in the Early Access Program, please use the contact form.

For now, support offered for Proteus Controller is done via:

  • the Comunity forum;
  • email.

Extra services will be offered soon. Subscribe to our cloud-based services and benefit of:

  • Monitor your controller’s uptime and receive  alerts
  • Access to your historical data in various formats (analytics and charts)
  • Receive alerts on multiple channels (e.g. SMS, XMPP, Facebook)
  • Notification and advices

Who We Are

In a world where computers and gadgets and home appliances are all connected, our mission is to offer an Aquarium Controller that’s up to the times.

Proteus Controller will be an integrated part of your life. Proteus Controller brings peace of mind to its users and enables automatic responses to a countless number of conditions. We allow the hobbyist to enjoy the hobby.

Excellent quality. Good price.

Where we are

Any product has a lifecycle from idea to maturity. We have now a large  feature list but many more ideas are bout to be implemented. See below where we are now.

Hardware modules

User Interface

Cloud services


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Meet Our Team

the team

A Hard Working Team

A Hard Working Team